GreasePocket: Greasemonkey for the iPhone

by admin August 5, 2008 at 4:25 pm

We love us some Greasemonkey, the Firefox plug-in that lets users run simple scripts on top of their favorite web pages to add new functionality or remove unwanted distractions. At first blush Greasemonkey might seem more technical than many users feel comfortable with, but running the scripts is really just like adding a plug-in to a plug-in. Give it a try with Gina Trapani’s Better Gmail 2, the top social media scripts we wrote about in May or Hao Chen’s awesome FriendFeed scripts.

But what about the iPhone? Greasemonkey on the iPhone would be the ultimate interface hack for what’s got to be the best interface available today. Enter GreasePocket, an experimental effort to provide just that.

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