Hands-On With Spotify for iPhone: Is iTunes Dead?

by admin September 8, 2009 at 5:14 pm

Spotify, the on-demand music streaming software and service, has come to the iPhone. A slick implementation and instant access to any of four million songs, whenever you want, could spell the death of the iPod as we know it. Or could it? From the start, Spotify is crippled by both Apple’s application rules, and some rather rushed-looking programming.

Spotify is available for both Android and iPhone platforms, and is soon coming to the S60 operating system. It is free, although you’ll need to be both a paying customer and to live in a qualifying country to use it. Right now, this doesn’t include the US — you’ll have to be in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Britain, France or Spain. And while users of the desktop Spotify can stream free if they listen to ads, the mobile versions require a €10-per-month premium account.

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