HexColor 1.00.102

by admin May 11, 2006 at 12:49 pm

Generate hexadecimal (#FF0000) colors for web pages, with ease and speed. Realtime screen color grab captures any screen color. Auto Copy inserts result to Clipboard. Simple!


– Realtime screen color grab – click and drag
– Instant shade adjust with color shade variation bar
– Auto Copy – automatically inserts new color to Clipboard
– Auto Paste – automatically reads new color from Clipboard
– History – automatically stores all collected colors
– Edit > Undo/Copy/Copy as Image (1w x 1h pixel bitmap)/Paste/Invert/Clear History
– Option: On Top
– Sizeable
– Integrated Help
– Multilingual interface – see our Select Language
– No installation

Download: HexColor 1.00.102