HotPop 1.0.11a

by admin July 16, 2006 at 6:58 pm

HotPop is a client program that can check a users pop E-mail account.

?¢‚Ǩ¬¢ Check for new mail on pop E-mail servers.
?¢‚Ǩ¬¢ View From, Subject, and Date of E-mail on server in a quick view dialog.
?¢‚Ǩ¬¢ Play sound on new E-mail.
?¢‚Ǩ¬¢ Display quick view dialog as top most window on new E-mail.
?¢‚Ǩ¬¢ Open specified E-mail client with program arguments.
?¢‚Ǩ¬¢ Specify pop server port number.
?¢‚Ǩ¬¢ Freeware.

Download: HotPop 1.0.11a