How to Avoid Paying the iPhone 3GS Upgrade Tax

by admin June 16, 2009 at 9:22 pm

Those tears of joy shed by iPhone loyalists are turning into cries of grief with the announcement by AT&T that it will impose a $200 fee to upgrade to the next-generation iPhone, which lands in stores Friday.

For iPhone 3G users who are not eligible for subsidized pricing, the upgrade “tax” brings the grand total to not $200 or $300 — but a hefty $400 or $500 for the iPhone 3GS, depending on the model (16GB or 32GB, respectively).

But tech geeks and criminal masterminds share one philosophy: They understand there’s a way around everything. You don’t have to pay that extra fee, iPhone 3G customers. Here are a few quick, painless methods to shave off that $200.

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