Huge Hole in Open Source Software Found, Leaves Millions Vulnerable

by admin May 23, 2008 at 6:36 pm

It is incredible just how big the effects of the newly discovered error in open source key generation is

For all the criticism of Microsoft and its security flaws, the software giant has made an impressive turnaround. While Vista has been derided for a variety of reasons, most would agree that it’s much more secure than Windows XP. Recently, a hacker conference showed just how vulnerable systems running Mac OS X are, due to their slow rate of patches. The Mac machine was hijacked within 10 minutes, while the Linux and Windows boxes survived the day.

Now an even worse security flaw has been found in some of the basic code used by a wide variety of Linux security programs. The error originated back in May 2006 when workers on the open-source security project committed a grave and unrealized error.

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