IBM Gets Webtop From eyeOS, Eyes Google Chrome OS

by admin December 17, 2009 at 4:50 pm

IBM is teaming up with eyeOS, the maker of an open-source, web-based operating system. We’ve had our (ahem) eye on eyeOS for quite some time. It’s receiving renewed interest in the wake of the much anticipated launch of Google Chrome OS.

IBM will offer eyeOS 2.0, available in January, to all customers who buy IBM’s System Z mainframe servers. SystemZ servers are used mainly by large organizations for data processing purposes. So eyeOS will be used as a desktop in the cloud for potentially thousands of enterprise users.

This is a huge win for eyeOS, making it one of Google’s biggest competitors in the web OS or “webtop,” space. IBM has a huge channel for distributing eyeOS, which will better position the Barcelona-based company in the enterprise market.

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