by admin July 21, 2006 at 6:43 am

iCall features sophisticated new technology which uses your existing broadband Internet connection (cable, DSL, or wireless) and your PC to plug you directly in to the regular telephone network. Stick it to the man – you already pay for your Internet connection, and the Internet is changing everything!

It costs us almost nothing when you make long distance phone calls and we pass that savings on to you by never charging you for calls to the US or Canada.

iCall is perfect for everyone – from college students away from home to someone living in Europe wanting to call a relative in the US. Check out everything you get with iCall:

1. Free outgoing calls to the US and Canada
That’s right, 100% free. We’ll never charge you to make a call to the US or Canada. Other places charge up to 3 cents a minute and restrict who can call who.

2. Free incoming calls from anywhere in the world
We have free inbound access numbers in almost every US area code. Just have your friends call one one of them and enter your iCall extension.

3. Free personalized voicemail
Everyone should have voicemail, so we give it to you. This make take some getting used to – our competitors charge several dollars a month for voicemail service.

All you need to run iCall is a Windows 2000 or XP-based computer and a headset or a microphone.

Download: iCall