iGrabNews 1.3.1 Beta 1

by admin August 10, 2007 at 9:03 am

iGrabNews is a fast, efficient, powerful, binary news browser and download manager.

• It is fast, simple and efficient.
• It displays multi-part articles (i.e. files) as one article for easy browsing.
• It downloads all the articles, and decodes them automatically into one file.
• It is 100% Cocoa application (No java, perl…).
• It is lighter and faster than any other binary news reader available on OSX (Unison, Bluebeard etc.). It is perfectly fitted for heavy-loaded alt.binaries.* newsgroups that hold hundreds of thousands of articles (i.e. thousands of files).
• iGrabNews is not a common newsreader : there is no threaded display of articles, post article is not yet implemented.
• iGrabNews supports .nzb files
• iGrabNews is a Universal Binary Application

iGrabNews runs on Mac OSX Panther 10.3.x and Tiger 10.4.x (PPC and Intel)

Download: iGrabNews 1.3.1 Beta 1