iLove 3.8

by admin September 30, 2008 at 11:02 pm

iLove is video conversion software for devices like iPod (Touch, Nano, 5G, 6G), Cowon (D2, A3, Q5), iRiver Clix 2 or Archos 605. Videos or folders with videos are inserted by drag and drop. It is optimized for quality, but you can also switch it TURBO mode, in which it is optimized for speed. It can monitor folder(s) on PC and if a new video appears then it will automatically convert it. It supports videos like *.flv (flash video), DVD, *.mkv, and *.ogm. Also it supports more than one audio track and can burn subtitles directly into video. Videos are NEVER UPSIZED, only downsized or cropped if needed, so you can easily set that maximal width is 640 and insert video from youtube with resolution 320×240 and final file will have resolution 320×240, if you insert video with resolution 1280×720 then it will have finally 640×360. It supports dual and quad-core PC. Is free and open source.

Download: iLove 3.8