IM-History 1.2.5

by admin October 2, 2008 at 10:16 pm

All-in-one IM-History Client Suite – Great way to consolidate, store and surf your IM history

IM-History – All IM chat logs and contacts at your fingertips

Online access from anywhere
You can access your IM log wherever you are – at home, at work, while traveling with any web-enabled device.

No data loss
No contact or chat log is lost thanks to automated backup.

Unified storage of chat history
No need to juggle multiple IMs you might be using simultaneously (MSN, ICQ, Yahoo!, Pidgin, Skype, Miranda, Trillian, QIP, etc) in the attempt to retrieve a desired piece of information.

IM-History is a free of charge service. The IM-History Client Suite is NOT an adware, spyware or malware in any way.

Download: IM-History 1.2.5 Windows and Linux