IMinent Beta

by admin June 6, 2007 at 4:30 pm

IMinent is a free add-on for your instant messaging application, to create and send your own multimedia messages to your buddies!

EMOvids are a new way of expressing yourself on IM. It is a short video expressing your feelings, emotions or other personal moods, better than winks and emoticons.

You can create an EMOvid from any videos you have on your computer. Just pull out your webcam, your camcorder or your cell phone. Make sure you are creative and don’t forget to upload them to IMinent with the Add-on!

Once you have downloaded IMinent, during a chat on IM, just double click on the EMOvid you want to send from the Iminent add-on, voila!

You may like some EMOvids better than others. To get access to those more rapidly during a chat, just add them to your favorites. You can do that both on the web or from the add-on, the EMOvids then appear on your IMinent add-on in “My Favorite vids” section.

Take control of your IM experience, now! No strings attached!

Download: IMinent Beta