Inquisitor 29.09.07

by admin October 13, 2007 at 3:20 pm

Inquisitor is a very fast and safe visual Picture Site Ripper/Offline Browser like “wGet”, or the newer “DownThemAll”, but even visual. That means that it acts like a normal Web Browser where you can visual select all desired files to download at once.


– Visual SiteRipper and HTML Browser Tool
– Displays 2 HTML-Webpages within 1Window
– Select and Download multiple Files/Links visually from within a Webpage
– Link Follower to Download all Pictures from Your favorite Image Collections
– Integrated multi connection FTP-Client, with local File-Manager, and Image Preview
– HTTP-Scanner to find out which Image Collections are available
– Infiltrator Mode to Display redirected (captured) HTML-Webpages !

Download: Inquisitor 29.09.07 Windows/Linux