Install Simple 1.80

by admin May 5, 2010 at 8:02 pm

InstallSimple, a simple tool that makes it simple in creating amazing software installation packages.

Installation packages are supposed to be the last but not the least step in developing a software. There can be no other software that will simplify the process of creating installation packages. The tool makes it possible to removes all possible hiccups caused during installation of software’s.

The simple interface of the tool comprises of features like; support for single self-extracting executable file for easy distribution, supports excellently compressed extractor module, allows to establish parameters for the installation process to products supporting any Windows platform, it can automatically create shortcuts, uninstall program, update registry entries, show license agreements, messages for users, and much more.

This tool comes in a time saving and money saving package to make installations easier, faster and more reliable.

InstallSimple is free software.

Download: Install Simple 1.80