Instant messaging attacks hit record levels

by admin June 7, 2006 at 8:06 am

IM hacks up by 500 per cent

Integrated message management firm Postini has revealed that its systems registered a 500 per cent increase in instant messaging attacks during May, demonstrating that hackers are seizing the opportunity in compromising IM networks.

Postini recorded numerous IM viruses and worms, such as Browaf, Tilebot and Khoobe, which attempt to infiltrate customer networks.

The statistics underscore the need for businesses to secure IM networks from unwanted traffic, according to Postini, which reported that corporate IM traffic increased 138 per cent in May.

“The fact that instant messages more than doubled in just one month shows the rate at which companies are adopting IM as a mainstream business communications tool,” said Andrew Lochart, senior director of marketing at Postini.

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