Intel and Micron Announce 34nm Chips

by admin November 25, 2008 at 8:19 pm

A company owned jointly by Intel and memory maker Micron Technology started mass producing NAND flash memory chips using the 34-nanometer technology, the companies announced on Monday. The NAND flash memory is usually used to store songs, movies and more in iPods, iPhones and a range of other consumer electronic goods. The venture between these two companies is called IM Flash Technologies and it expects 50 percent of the chips, which are located at a factory in Lehi, Utah, to be made using the 34nm technology by the end of this year. The nanometer measurement describes the size of the smallest transistors and other parts that can be manufactured on a single chip. There are about three to six atoms in a nanometer, and there are a billion nanometers in a meter.

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