Intel Demonstrates 48-Core “Single-Chip Cloud Computer”

by admin December 3, 2009 at 4:20 pm

Could later versions replace datacenters?

Intel has repeatedly stated that it believes the future of computing lies in many-core CPUs. The company will be releasing its six-core Gulftown chip based on 32nm Westmere technology next year, and it is still working on its Larabee many-core GPU.

Several years ago, Intel showed off its 80-core Teraflops Research Chip. That chip was highly experimental, with only simple floating-point cores. Three years later, Intel has something much more advanced.

Intel calls its new 48-core IA32 processor a “single-chip cloud computer” (SCC) because of the way it resembles cloud datacenters, claiming that it “rethinks many of the approaches used in today’s designs”. The SCC consists of 24 “tiles”, with two IA32 cores and a router per tile creating a mesh network with 256GB/s of bandwidth.

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