Intel "designing motherboard for Apple"

by admin December 29, 2005 at 4:02 pm

Apple Insider says that Intel is designing motherboards for Apple, while other reports claim that the contracts to manufacture the first Intel-powered iBooks and PowerBooks have been awarded

Speculation is growing about Apple’s partnership with Intel, ahead of next month’s MacWorld show.

According to a report on Apple Insider, a Web site that often publishes details of upcoming Apple products, Intel is currently developing the motherboard for the next Power Mac. Until now, Apple has developed its motherboards inhouse.

This follows the surprise announcement earlier this summer that Apple is dropping IBM’s PowerPC processors in favour of Intel chips.

Apple is expected to launch its first Intel-powered products in January 2006 at MacWorld, and Apple Insider claims that outsourcing the Power Mac motherboard to Intel will help Apple’s engineers to develop Intel-based iMacs, iBooks and Mac minis.

Full article: ZDNet UK