Intel eyeing up the mobile space

by admin September 20, 2007 at 5:57 pm

Think UMPC take two…

When it comes to mobile computing, Intel is eyeing up more than just laptops these days.

The company’s official search for the next big thing is settling quite definitively on mobile computers. But this is actually two big things: not only does Intel want to create an entire new category of handheld computers called Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), it wants to set up a whole new network to service those devices.

At the Intel Developer Forum, the chip giant firmed up plans to ship Silverthorne – a new processor with lots of integrated features – next year. It showed off prototype devices built on Silverthorne that look an awful lot like the UMPCs that didn’t exactly fly off the shelves: larger than a smart phone, dependent on a stylus, and many with a fixed keyboard.

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