Intel Reveals 22nm Chips And Atom Developer Program At IDF

by admin September 23, 2009 at 5:22 pm

Think 32nm is hot stuff? That’s nothing. Today at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel showcased a silicon wafer containing the world’s first working chips built on 22nm process technology. The 22nm test circuits included both SRAM memory as well as logic circuits to be used in future Intel microprocessors, and these days, any reduction in process technology size is a fairly significant step forward. And to think–Intel has introduced not one step down, but two in a single year. While we’re currently using 45nm chips, Intel has showcased 32nm processors and now 22nm processors within the span of about six months. Paul Otellini, Intel’s head man, had this to say about the announcement:

“At Intel, Moore’s Law is alive and thriving. We’ve begun production of the world’s first 32nm microprocessor, which is also the first high-performance processor to integrate graphics with the CPU. At the same time, we’re already moving ahead with development of our 22nm manufacturing technology and have built working chips that will pave the way for production of still more powerful and more capable processors.”

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