Internet will run out of IP addresses in just 500 days

by admin May 21, 2010 at 7:09 am

Computer experts have expressed the opinion that in around 500 days, the internet will run out of IP addresses. IP addresses are widely used to differentiate one computer from another and that getting running out may crate many problems in the computing world.
The unique numbers, which are known as Internet protocol addresses, help identify the world’s networked devices. An IP address generally has four numbers from 0 to 255 which is mainly used to distinguish one computer from another. It has been observed that about four billion combinations can be made out of it. But the proliferation of networked devices means soon that will no longer be enough.
In a way, IP addresses are like phone numbers, which need to be entered correctly if a right connection is to be made. So the ability to uniquely identify everything in the computer world is essential. IP addresses are like phone numbers in another way, too.
“Unlike the telephone system, it’s not easy to just add more digits,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted chief scientist at the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, Geoff Huston, as saying.
Although every telephone number in Australia was successfully altered, the phones themselves didn’t change. Humans simply dialed an extra number and get connected to the person.

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