iPad Hits a Bump: Wi-Fi Woes Point to Apple Bug

by admin April 6, 2010 at 5:20 pm

Some new owners of Apple’s slate computer, the iPad, are having issues with the device’s Wi-Fi connection. Multiple forum postings, both on Apple’s own support site and elsewhere, have users reporting that they’re experiencing weak signals in an area where their other Internet-connected devices have no issues. Another common complaint, which appears to be related, is a dropped connection. Some iPads lose their connection to the Wi-Fi network, then prompt the user to re-enter the network password. But doing so doesn’t work. The only “fix” seems to be either shutting Wi-Fi off and back on again via the settings, or worse, rebooting the computer…err…iPad.

Network Password?

There doesn’t seem to be any determinable factor connecting the users experiencing the problems – different models of the iPad are in use, different routers, different security settings, etc. However, one name came up dozens of times in the forums: Verizon FiOS. A number of the complaints came from customers of Verizon’s high-speed, fiber-to-the-curb service known as FiOS. Along with TV and phone, Verizon provides Actiontec-branded Internet routers to establish the home’s Ethernet (cabled) and wireless networks.

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