iPhone Developer Steals Customers Phone Numbers, Calls Them

by admin September 30, 2009 at 2:46 pm

Company calls customers in attempt to sell paid version of mobile app

Within iTunes’ user ratings section of iPhone application mogoRoad, a real-time traffic monitoring tool available in Switzerland, several users claim to have received phone calls from the development company behind the mobile software. Reportedly, the company is asking the app owners if they would like to purchase the paid version of the application. While unsolicited sales calls are annoying and intrusive, the bigger issue here is how did the company get its customers’ phone numbers to begin with? According to mogoRoad, the information came from Apple.

The recipients of the unwanted calls said that they were contacted a few weeks after the initial installation of the mogoRoad application. An operator would then try to sell them the paid version of the mobile software. If pressed as to how the company got access to their phone number, the operator would generally respond that the information was provided by Apple.

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