iPhone OS 3.0 Released: What You Should Know

by admin June 17, 2009 at 7:06 pm

iPhone 3.0 is available! Go update your iPhone now!

Last week, during Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), we learned of the day when the iPhone 3.0 Operating System would be available for iPhones everywhere: June 17th. Well, if you take a look at your calendar, that day has arrived, and soon Apple phone owners will be buzzing about push notifications or their newfound ability to cut, copy and paste.

While you may know many of the features that are coming out with the iPhone 3.0 update, you probably don’t know them all, and you may not even know where to download the software. This short guide provides a quick overview of the iPhone 3.0 software, what to expect, and what’s upcoming in terms of applications and the iPhone 3G S.

iPhone 3.0 is available for all iPhone, iPhone 3Gs, and iPod Touches. Some features won’t be available for first generation iPhones, while iPod Touch OS downloads won’t come free – it costs $9.95. To download, you can visit Apple’s Software Update page.

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