iPhone unlocking software: open source developers where are you?

by admin September 4, 2007 at 3:08 pm

Last week before leaving for a short overseas trip, I asked my local carrier if I could unlock my Nokia N73 from the carrier’s network so that I could replace the SIMM with a cheap local prepaid SIMM in the country I was visiting. No problem, I was told, the carrier’s call center rep even helped me to do it. Why should it be any different for the Apple iPhone and AT&T?

The short answer is that it shouldn’t. iPhone owners in the US would rightfully feel a sense of indignation over two things. One is the outrageous attempt by Apple and AT&T to stop iPhone owners from using the hardware they have bought and paid for on international phone networks without having to pay ridiculously high roaming rates. The other is the outrageous attempt by a bunch of opportunistic software developers to reap a short term windfall from something that should be free.

Full story: itwire.com