iPrint 6 Beta

by admin July 18, 2009 at 6:00 pm

iPrint: Eco-Friendly Printing that Saves You Time and Money.

If you print more than a few pages a month you need iPrint – it’s an indispensible tool that will save you 30% – 60% on your printing, paper and ink costs and that’s not all… making those savings makes you and your organization more eco-friendly and environmentally responsible.

Automatically delete un-wanted pages. iPrint automatically detects and removes empty waste pages (like the useless empty pages that always seem to tag along when you print a web page).

Print multiple-pages on each sheet of paper. iPrint scales pages so you can fit 2 or 4 pages on each sheet of paper. Fit that 4-page meeting agenda on 1 page or save yourself huge amounts of paper with big print jobs.

Print exactly what you want, saving paper and ink costs. You can easily delete un-wanted pages with a click.

Collect print jobs. Easily print from multiple applications and group all the jobs into a single iPrint session, remove pages, make changes then print the whole thing as one print job.

Measure your savings. iPrint tracks and tells you what you print and what you save.

Eco-friendly. iPrint doesn’t just help save you money – it helps save the planet.

Create PDF and HTML. iPrint works with Click to Convert to seamlessly create PDF and HTML from any document.

Free Beta for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Download: iPrint 6 Beta