by admin September 24, 2008 at 6:52 pm

iRobot by iRobotSoft is a highly abstracted Web automation engine. iRobot engine is created for both software developers and ad hoc Web users. For Web developers, iRobot provides a high-level Web operating language for the easy interaction and processing of dynamic Web content. This allows the creation of task-oriented Internet robot programs in minutes. The robot programs can then be run directly or used in a hosting language as a component. For ad hoc Web users, iRobot provides a recorder-like agent interface to help the creation of robots without any expert assistance. User can use the generated robot to repeat Web explorations and collect Web data. Learning iRobot tool is easy. Most operations are provided with wizard interfaces so that you do not need to write specific codes. We also provided several free sample robots to demonstrate the iRobot capabilities.

IRobot can be used for multiple purposes. First of all, it can be used to automate Web explorations, including script interactions and form submissions. This is useful when people need to repeatedly visiting Web sites, logging into Web accounts, or updating Web information. Second, it can be used for data collection. Using a highly flexible Web query language, users can easily extract data from complex pages. These data can be stored and integrated with in-house databases using our embedded database interfaces. Thus our user can design a data integration solution without leaving the iRobot platform. Third, it can be used for Web agent development. Users can easily design complex Web agents to follow certain Web patterns. iRobot provides a complete set of programming infrastructure so that programmers do not need to borrow other programming languages for complex designs.

Download: IRobot