Is a slimmer PS3 in the works?

by admin May 14, 2009 at 5:32 pm

Back in 2004, after the PS2 was on the market for four years, Sony went ahead and shrank its design down and brought out a new model dubbed the “slim” PS2. It was a great move and Sony initially couldn’t keep up with demand for the system.

Now, five years later, rumors have been percolating that Sony might be preparing to trim the PS3, with an outside chance that the company might have something to say about a new design at E3. While early reports we read seemed pretty dubious, a set of alleged spy photos of a PS3 Slim (with a new PS3 logo) surfaced on Chinese Message boards late Wednesday and seemed slightly more promising.

The original report stems from a PlayStation LifeStyle post declaring, “Redesigned PS3 to be revealed at E3.” That’s a rather bold headline, but the story deflates it rather quickly with a disclaimer that, “Of course, this is just yet another rumor…” However, the site claims to have “caught word” that Sony will not only take the wraps off the new PSP Go at E3, but unveil “another hardware redesign.”

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