Is AJAX The Page View Killer?

by admin March 20, 2007 at 11:46 am

NEW YORK — AJAX , the technology that is driving the Web 2.0, will lead to the demise of the page view as a metric for Web site success, said Edelman public relations professional and celebrated blogger Steve Rubel.

Though Rubel admitted at the AJAXWorld conference here that he doesn’t have the magic sauce for accurately predicting what will replace the page view, he’s got a few ideas.

Rubel, calling the evolution of the Web the “Me, Too Revolution,” pointed to statistics from Edelman showing that even though there are increasing numbers of Web users, the number of unique visitors to the top news sites has leveled off.

This is because there are now more avenues than ever before, including blogs, for people to get content. Accordingly, Rubel said, the metrics that have carried Internet marketers to this point may no longer have the same relevance.

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