iTunes Alarm 1.1

by admin January 24, 2007 at 4:39 pm

This iTunes utility turns your Mac into the most fully featured alarm clock you’ve ever owned. It’ll gently put you to sleep then quietly do the same for your computer. When its time to wake up, it’ll wake the computer first, and then rouse you from your slumber with whatever music or radio station you choose. You can even use it to seamlessly change from one playlist to another, changing the mood at a specific time (a useful tool when its time for your guests to leave.) And, it stores five different alarms, so you can do all this without even looking at your computer.


:: Five separate alarms that can each be set to start or stop music at the time you choose.
:: Set alarms for any combination of weekdays, or for just once.
:: Wakes the computer from sleep automatically.
:: New snooze feature – you set how long it lasts.
:: Pick from any playlist – including folders, or ones that contain radio stations.
:: Or, use the random feature to let the alarm choose for you.
:: New crossfade feature fades out whatever is playing before fading in the new playlist.
:: Universal Binary (runs native on Intel Macs)

Download: iTunes Alarm 1.1 Mac OS X