JFugue 3.2

by admin May 10, 2007 at 4:32 am

JFugue is a Java API for music programming. With JFugue, you can program music without dealing with the complexities of MIDI.

JFugue makes programming music this easy:

Player player = new Player();
Pattern pattern = new Pattern(“C D E F G A B”);

In addition, JFugue provides more than the basics:
– Music strings specify notes, chords, instruments, tracks.
– Patterns of music can be transformed and manipulated in interesting ways.
– Music can be played at runtime, or saved in MIDI files
– Lets you play with music without having to know the guts of MIDI

JFugue is great for applications in which music is generated at run-time: algorithmic or evolutionary music, music editors, jazz improvisers, and more!

Download: JFugue 3.2