jGnash 2.3.0

by admin June 29, 2009 at 8:40 pm

jGnash is a free (no strings attached!) personal finance manager with many of the same features as commercially-available software. It was created in order to make tracking your personal finances easy, but also provides the functionality required by advanced users. jGnash is cross-platform and will run on any operating system that has a working Java 1.6.0 Runtime Environment (e.g., Linux, OS X, and Microsoft Windows).

Main Features

– Double-Entry Based Transactions
– Account Reconciliation
– Report Generation in PDF Format
– Fast Auto-Completion of Form Fields
– Schedule Recurring Payment Reminders
– Support for Multiple Currencies
– Track Investment Accounts and Transactions
– Online Updates of Stock Prices and Currency Exchange Rates
– Customizable User Interface
– Scriptable through BeanShell and JavaScript
– Advanced Server/Client Networking Architecture
– OFX Import
– QIF Import

Download: jGnash 2.3.0