JustZIPit 135

by admin February 8, 2008 at 1:53 pm

JustZIPit is a Simple and Free ZIP Tool.

Some of JustZIPit’s Special Features
Extremely fast ZIP and UnZIP. No-one else comes close!
Standard ZIP compression — same as WinZip but free!
Fast, smart, hassle-free zero-interface means no learning.
Quick: ESC to cancel and exit
Full support for all relevant keyboard shortcuts and keyboard navigation
Complete and easy install/uninstall
No messy DLLS to install (no OCX, VBX, VB, MFC, Flash, IE etc)
No bulky runtime libraries required (no VB, JAVA etc)
Compatible with all 32-bit versions of Windows
Extremely competitive price – FREE!

Download: JustZIPit 135