Kaspersky update zaps Microsoft antivirus

by admin February 22, 2006 at 6:42 am

Microsoft and Kaspersky Lab have recovered from an error that caused significant e-mail troubles for some users of Microsoft’s Antigen e-mail security software.

Antigen users started receiving updates for their Kaspersky Lab antivirus engine again on Tuesday. Microsoft and Kaspersky had put those on hold after a flawed update caused trouble last week, representatives for Microsoft and Kaspersky said Tuesday.

“As far as both parties are concerned, the problems have been addressed and its business as usual,” said Steve Orenberg, president of Kaspersky’s North American operations.

The problems left some people without fully functional e-mail systems for as long as 10 hours. The culprit was a routine update to the Kaspersky antivirus engine, which was distributed early Thursday morning. Microsoft in the afternoon offered the previous version of the engine for download to solve the problem.

“As soon as we were aware that our customers were experiencing e-mail problems due to the Kaspersky update, we escalated through the appropriate channels across Kaspersky and Microsoft, and were able to define, test and provide a resolution,” the Microsoft representative said in a statement.

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