KeepEmOut 2.0 Beta

by admin December 11, 2007 at 3:26 pm

This is the latest in simple server protection. The Intrusion Detection system built into KeepEmOut is meant to keep hackers out of your computer. Have you checked your Web/FTP/SQL logs lately? I bet you have a few hackers trying dictionary attacks and other types of attacks. This software will block them from ever accessing your computer again. The small application runs as a service on any machine which has a server. This is extremely useful for users running their own Home servers or small businesses. In addition, you will never notice it is running. It will NOT slow your computer/network down. If you think your firewall/router is keeping the hackers out, think again!!

Requirements: Windows 2003 / Windows XP

Dwnload: KeepEmOut 2.0 Beta