by admin August 22, 2008 at 5:50 pm

KFK is a user friendly file splitter. with KFK you can chop large files into smaller chuncks. It can help you transferring a large file on floppy disks or a larger file on CD or DVD. KFK can also burn the files onto CD/DVD providing CopyToDVD is installed. KFK can also generate an automatic rebuild file so that KFK is not required to regenerate the original file.

KFK features …
· Notepad’s cut splits files into 60 Kb files (biggest files that Win9x’s notepad.exe can handle).
· CDRom’s cut splits files into 650/700Mb files.
· USB Key’s cut splits files into 64/128/256Mb files.
· Disk Spanning (multi-floppy disks backups)
· Supports CD Burning (Requires CopyToDVD)
· Full Unicode support : works with every characters set in the world !
· Multithreaded application core : Maximum efficiency without freezing the application.
· Internationalization support.

Download: KFK