Kindle books on laptops, iPhone coming soon along with international versions

by admin February 9, 2009 at 9:38 pm

At one point in Jeff Bezos’ presentation he mentioned WhisperSync, a system for syncing all of your Kindles. This means if you’re reading a book on one of your Kindles and pick up another Kindle registered to your same account, it lets you start reading where you left off on the first Kindle. It’s kind of a smart bookmark so you never have to lose your place if, like many folks who are interested in this thing at all, you own a K1 and K2. But Jeff said something very special. He said this works with other Kindle devices or other “mobile devices.”

One of the biggest complaints is that you have to own a Kindle to read Kindle ebooks. But what are these “mobile devices” of which he speaks? Laptops, with desktop reading software? iPhones? WinMo devices? Zunes? The mind boggles.

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