Latest Mac Rumors: Netbooks and New Mac Minis

by admin December 16, 2008 at 8:50 pm

There are a number of rumors circulating about what news Apple might make at next month’s Macworld expo. Last year’s Macworld brought the announcement of the Macbook Air, and two years ago, it was the iPhone. So what will be the big announcement this year? Depending on who you ask, we may see an Apple netbook, an iPhone Nano, or maybe just an updated Mac Mini.

An update to the Mac Mini line is long overdue, and a Wired report is giving some credence to this rumor. It cites an anonymous Apple corporate employee who said that the Mac Mini would see an update, though gave no specific details as to what those updates may be. The Mac Mini hasn’t had an update since mid-2007, despite strong sales (it is currently the number 2 bestselling desktop computer on, so an update with faster specs and an aluminum case seems almost like a no-brainer.

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