LiquidCD 2.03 for Mac OS X

by admin December 22, 2009 at 8:57 pm

LiquidCD is a freeware for burning CDs and DVDs built for Mac OS X. But LiquidCD is more than a burning software and has useful built-in features.

An Audio CD for you Hi-Fi set, or a MP3 CD for your home CD player or car radio: simply choose some MP3, AAC or any QuickTime readable audio file and burn the CD. Thanks to the built-in iTunes browser, it’s easy to select your favourite songs.

Your CD is ready in seconds: choose some files, burn the disk. Feel like sharing your data ? The disk is readable on a PC. LiquidCD lets you perform advanced tasks, such as building a virtual hierarchy, adding folders, rename items, select a disk icon, decide which file will be visible on PC, wich file will be shown on Mac.

Choose your favourite pictures thanks to the built-in iPhoto browser, burn the CD and see them on your TV using your PictureCD enabled home DVD player.

LiquidCD can read most popular formats such as .iso, .dmg and even .toast, cue/bin and .cdi (DiscJuggler). Feel like duplicating a CD ? burning a VIDEO_TS folder on a video DVD ? In few seconds, and two maybe three steps, you are ready to start the burn.

Available in: French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, Czech, German, Russian, Chinese, Simplified chinese, Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Danish, Japanese, Dutch

Download: LiquidCD 2.03 for Mac OS X