LoseThos 6.13

by admin August 13, 2010 at 9:25 am

The LoseThos IBM PC Operating System. x86_64, open source, free, public domain

The LoseThos 64-bit PC Operating System: A playground for programmers. x86_64, preemptive multitasking, multicore, open source, public domain.

LoseThos is a “supplemental” operating system because you’ll want to dual boot with another operating system, since you can’t access the Internet and because it’s not really suited for usage other than screwing around writing programs. It’s really good for that, though — lots of fun. Except for graphics, LoseThos is modern — 64-bit, multi-cored and HD Audio. It does not depend on other code for anything. You can put it as the sole operating system on a computer and disconnect the network. For those of you with fierce operating system cult loyalty, relax, it’s not a zero sum game.

LoseThos is simple. It runs on a standard 64-bit PC, nothing exotic, and compiles and runs native x86_64 code — no byte code or interpreter, anywhere.

Download: LoseThos 6.13