MacHacha 3.3 for Mac OS X

by admin February 25, 2009 at 7:00 pm

MacHacha will do a simple job: split archives into smaller parts and join them when requested.

• You can share your documents even if your friends doesn’t own a macintosh.
• You don’t need switch to a PC (or VirtualPC) to join the archives you get.
• You can generate and join full-compatible UNIX/Linux segments.
• You can generate and join segments compatible with other Mac OS X apps, such as E Pluribus Unum, Splitter, Split&Concat or xMerge.
• You can create mac-compliant segments preserving resource fork and meta-information using the MacHacha format.
• ou can automate your own projects (eg, “I wish split 1000+ documents”), because MacHacha supports AppleScripting.

Supported formats: Currently, both split & join: Hacha, WinSplit, FastSplit, Split&Concat, HJSplit & MacHacha. It supports Hacha’s newest version and joining of Windows MasterSplitter and RAR normal and multi-segment files.

Format: File extensions you can join/split… .0, .000, .001, .exe & .machacha. If none of these matches the requirements, MacHacha will prompt you automatically to choose a format to split your file. When joining a file, MacHacha will advertise you about potential problems or corrupted files.

License: this app is now freeware and open-source under request.

Download: MacHacha 3.3 for Mac OS X

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