Math Mechanixs

by admin February 12, 2009 at 7:20 pm

Math Mechanixs: Math Software with 2D and 3D Graphing, Calculus, Function Solving and More

Math Mechanixs is an award winning easy to use general purpose math software program compatible with Microsoft Windows. It is ideal for students, teachers, engineers and scientists or anyone requiring an easy to use PC based mathematical software program. It will also do so much more than your calculator. Math Mechanixs was created with the belief that computers were made to solve mathematical problems.

his FREE download of the Math Mechanixs math software is a fully functional version. This includes the Scientific Calculator and Math Editor, which allows you to view and edit your work, while adding notes, just like a word editor. Additional features include: the extendable function library, our unique function solver, the 3D graphing module, a calculus utility with single, double and triple integration and differentiation, root finding, and the integrated context sensitive help system with numerous tutorial in .wmv file format.

Download: Math Mechanixs