McAfee bites into Apple security

by admin May 6, 2006 at 3:23 am

McAfee has launched a Mac security product, saying that Apple Computer’s OS X is “just as vulnerable” as other operating systems are to targeted attacks.

The antivirus vendor introduced McAfee VirusScan for Mactel on Friday. To back up its statement, McAfee cited the release in March of a patch that fixed 20 vulnerabilities in OS X. A proof-of-concept worm that targeted the OS X platform was also discovered earlier this year.

Many flaws have been discovered in Microsoft products over the same period.

McAfee admitted that Mac users were at “no significant risk” at the moment. But the security vendor also said that if the OS X user base expands, thanks to the popularity of iPod media player and its new range of Intel-powered Macs, then Apple’s software will become a more tempting target for organized criminals.

Full article: ZDNet News