McAfee to clean C&W customer data traffic

by admin September 5, 2005 at 10:41 pm

If you’re used to switching on a tap and getting clean water this won’t be a new concept…

Cable & Wireless has signed up US security giant McAfee to clean up the data which travels over its network, removing much of the security burden from its customers.

In the past all data has been piped into businesses, irrespective of origin or validity, and companies have relied upon security solutions at the gateway and on their desktops.

But the welter of phishing scams, spam and viruses travelling over exchanges means the processes of cleaning data within the perimeter has become unworkable and uneconomical to the business, with the majority of bandwidth used simply for carrying unwanted traffic.

Filtering out the spam and the unwanted data before it even reaches the perimeter and reclaiming that lost bandwidth for the proper use of the business is a no-brainer, according to Greg Day, security consultant at McAfee.

And Day claims that with bandwidth now a commodity the service providers must add whatever value they can to their offering.

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