MediumT 1.0

by admin February 5, 2009 at 7:10 pm

MediumT is a task / to-do list management application written in C# using .Net 3.5 and the Windows Presentation Framework.

MediumT builds categories automatically, based on the beginning of your tasks (everything before the first instance of a colon is used as the category name). So, “Shopping: Buy delicious food” becomes a new task in the “Shopping” category — there’s no need to setup the category before hand.

MediumT also lets you choose an icon for each task, which adds a second layer of categorization that you can apply however you like. By default, MediumT comes with 75 icons from the freely available Silk icon set. You can add or remove these icons just by adding or deleting files from the icon folders (MediumT provides menu items that will open the corresponding folders for you automatically — there’s no need to go hunting for them).

MediumT is donationware.

Download: MediumT 1.0