Metacafe Pro

by admin December 13, 2007 at 4:17 pm

Metacafe is the most advanced Web 2.0 video sharing community on the internet.

Metacafe has empowered the internet community to create and submit high quality video clips. Our unique ranking system allows the best submissions to filter through to the top of our charts. The Metacafe community turns humble video enthusiasts into international internet stars. Our innovative technology helps the Metacafe community to identify and then promote the very best video clips that the world has to offer.

Installing the Metacafe client will enable you to build and manage your own library of video clips. You can now embed any of Metacafe’s video streams within your blog enhancing the experience of your readers and communicating ever more directly with your community. There may be hundreds of channels out there, but Metacafe ensures that you find the best programming whenever you find yourself reaching for the virtual remote control.

Download: Metacafe Pro Windows 98/2000/XP