metapad 3.51

by admin November 30, 2005 at 11:01 am

metapad is a small, fast (and completely free) text editor for Windows 9x/NT/XP with similar features to Microsoft Notepad but with many extra (and rather useful) features. It was designed to completely replace Notepad since it includes all of Notepad’s features and much, much more.

metapad’s enhanced feature set includes:

Persistent window placement
Dirty file notification
Intelligent Find and Replace
External viewer support (e.g. web browser)
Usable accelerator keys (Ctrl+S, Ctrl+N, etc.)
Dual customizable font support
Optional Quick Exit (Esc key)
Configurable tab stop setting
Auto-indent mode
Go to Line/Column
Seamless UNIX text file support
Block indent and unindent (Tab, Shift+Tab)
Recent files list
WYSIWYG printing
Snazzy status bar & funky toolbar
No file size limit! (under Win9x)
Hyperlink support
User interface language plugins

Download: metapad 3.51