by admin August 14, 2006 at 11:48 am

MicroBackup2006 – the fast, tiny and complete freeware backup tool that creates compressed archives.

Simple to operate, but flexible and versatile to meet your daily backup demands.
MicroBackup2006 can auto-start, run hidden, run on schedule and perform backups manually.
You can include system/hidden files, exclude folders/filetypes, choose to backup changed files only.
MicroBackup2006 can run backups in low thread priority mode for excellent background operations, has an intuitive resizable interface and is very easy to operate.

With FTP options – upload your backups to your own FTP server.
Off-site backups can be the difference between loosing everything and having your files back after a crash.

MicroBackup2006 is free of charge for personal use only.

Download: MicroBackup2006