Microsoft adds Office, Windows rental option

by admin January 12, 2010 at 10:04 am

Although there are plenty of places that rent out time on Windows-based computers, doing so had never been strictly, speaking, legitimate.

The licensing terms for Windows (and Office) prohibit such use even though there are thousands of Internet cafes, business centers, and kiosks that do so. Starting January 1, though, Microsoft added an option for those that wish to rent out Windows or Office to do so by paying an extra fee.

“Windows desktop operating system and Microsoft Office system licenses do not permit renting, leasing, or outsourcing the software to a third party,” Microsoft notes on its Web site. “As a result, many organizations that rent, lease, or outsource desktop PCs to third parties (such as Internet cafes, hotel and airport kiosks, business service centers, and office equipment leasing companies) are not compliant with Microsoft license requirements.”

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