Microsoft airs new Windows Mobile 6.1

by admin June 11, 2008 at 7:41 pm

EAGER upstarts continue to challenge its crown, but Microsoft still makes more than one billion of the world’s computers turn.

But the software giant now has designs on more screens. Six years after dipping its toe in the mobile phone market, Microsoft plans to wrest control of it too.

The competition is established, fierce and innovative but Microsoft is keen to win over both consumers and more of its traditional business users to its phone software, even if it has to nudge Apple, Google and RIM BlackBerry out of the way to do it.

Key in its mobile phone armament is a new version of its phone operating system, Windows Mobile 6.1, with a heightened focus on internet services and a slick new look.

Microsoft also plans to add its applications and services to competing smartphones, including rival BlackBerry.

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